1989 Earthquake Damage

QuakeProof is a full service earthquake preparedness company specializing in non-structural retrofitting of the contents of buildings.  Government agencies and business leaders continually stress the importance of taking precautions to prevent unnecessary injury and to avoid needless damage to expensive equipment.

QuakeProof also offers survival kits and emergency supplies!

QuakeProof has over 13 years experience securing the contents of buildings and offers the most comprehensive Disaster Survival Kits, Earthquake and Emergency Supplies for the office, home, vehicle, camping, skiing, or boating.


          QuakeProof can help you develop an emergency survival plan!


QuakeProof can provide free quotations for the seismic bracing and securing of your building contents.

QuakeProof  counts among its long list of satisfied clients some of the nation's top agencies and largest corporations.

See a map of recent earthquakes in California or find other information pertaining to seismic activity from the U.S. Geological Survey.


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