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Securing Large Office Furnishings

Securing within Modular Office Systems

Securing Surface Equipment

Securing Shelf Contents during Tremors

QuakeProofing Storage Areas

Securing Special Objects with Custom Systems


Securing Computer Rooms, Data and Communications Centers

Because of the vital importance of technical equipment to any business or organization, it is imperative that everything be secured in data centers, computer rooms and communications centers. The design and configuration of these rooms is always unique. Therefore each of these areas requires custom treatment when the method for stabilizing the apparatus is determined.

Custom angle iron skirts and cross-braces are usually installed to stabilize the large mainframes and cabinets.

Thumblocks or MVA-8 is used to secure the surface top equipment. Any loose item can become hazardous to either personnel or vital pieces; therefore all contents should be QuakeProofed.

Utilizing thumblocks helps maintain the modularity of even large component systems.

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