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Securing Large Office Furnishings

Securing within Modular Office Systems

Securing Computer/Communications Rooms and Data Centers

Securing Surface Equipment

Securing Shelf Contents during Tremors

QuakeProofing Storage Areas

Securing Special Objects with Custom Systems


Securing Large Furnishings
[Credenzas, Filing Cabinets, Bookcases, Shelves]

Regulations require that anything five feet or more in height must be secured in order to avoid injury to personnel. Items less than five feet are exempt if the supporting base is 2/3rds of the height.

Ideally these items are anchored to the wall studs or into the floor. When possible, this is done from inside the piece using "hi-lo" screws with fender washers.

When the location or construction of the item prohibits this method, inverted "L" brackets are used. Aesthetically, either method usually keeps the materials from view.


To further strengthen the resistance to earth tremors, pieces are "ganged" together from inside using nuts, bolts and large washers. The use of washers is necessary to prevent the bolt heads from shearing through thin metal walls of cabinets.

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