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QuakeProof Services for Securing Building Contents

QuakeProof was founded in northern California in January, 1994 with the intention of securing expensive desktop equipment. The catastrophe resulting from the Northridge Quake made instantly evident that a far more extensive array of services was imperative throughout the west coast. Expansion was calculated, yet rapid.

Realizing their legal and moral obligations, business executives and managers have been making the prudent decision to call

QuakeProof to help make their working environment safer and more secure.  Call us today for your free survey!  760-466-1060

Today QuakeProof offers:

Seismic bracing of all building contents anywhere in the western United States, from the Mexican border to Alaska and Hawaii.
Consultation in the specialty field of computer and communications rooms. This includes analysis, securing and business contingency planning. Foresight demands this attention.

Individual Disaster Survival Kits and Group Site Safety Kits for use throughout the world.
An Emergency Supplies on-line Retail Store with a complete line of preparedness products.

Non-profit, fundraising and volume discounts are provided for eligible groups and organizations.

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