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Custom and Specialty Securing
[Fireproof Cabinets, Toggling Fasteners, Tall/Heavy Sculptures, Artwork Hangers, Cabinet Safety Latches, Unique Pieces]

Many of the contents in an office setting require custom solutions in order to provide the greatest degree of safety to both personnel and equipment. Unique situations require unique solutions. At the QuakeProof facility in Glendora, CA, our engineering department works with our field personnel to devise custom methods of securing pieces.

Among them are the following:

Custom brackets with MVA-8 (commercial hook and loop) are used for fireproof cabinets. This is neccesary because any penetration of the walls of these cabinets invalidates their warrantees.

Large floor copiers and floor printers are toggled into the wall studs or into the floor at the four corners to prevent them from rolling across a room and pinning someone to a wall or blocking a doorway.

Heavy or tall sculptures can be stabilized by use of clear filament lines in the rear to help maintain the aesthetics and preserve the beauty of the piece.

             Cabinet safety latches
             help prevent contents from
             opening doors from inside.

Sculptures, vases, glassware, crystal, and their stands are often damaged or destroyed during an earthquake. Quakeputty can be applied to the underside of these items to help prevent them from sliding or flying.

Artwork is normally hung in the middle of a wall, therefore the hanger is not bolted into a stud. Without disturbing the need for it to remain centered, it is determined where the picture wire and a stud cross and an art safety hook is installed. It is a tunneled device that prevents the wire from dislodging.

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